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End-to-end IoT consulting and software development services

Experienced IOT technology partner,
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Embedded IoT solutions

We design IoT embedded systems firmware, middleware, SDKs, device drivers, embedded human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and customized operating systems based on Linux Kernel and Android Open Source Project (AOSP)

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We help generate end-user business insights through running sensor data through AI algorithms.

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IoT cloud platforms and dashboards

We develop custom IoT cloud solutions on top of AWS and Google Cloud, choosing the best tech stack and architecture pattern based on project requirements.

Who are we

IoT Development Services

YADAlab offers IoT development services to enterprises and innovative consumer electronics startups. We help our clients build smart gadgets, turn analogue products into digital using sensors, firmware, and IoT platforms, and create infrastructure (embedded, web, and mobile) for custom IoT solutions.


P2P Factory
Building tools for the open source circular economy

Building the Open Source Circular Economy

Analyses Open Source processes for a design global manufacture local distributed means of production accompanied by ecologically restorative practices. Our aim is to offer tools for  cooperative peer production and sustainability, i.e. enabling transition to the new modes of production, governance and ownership bringing us closer to solve the ecological and climate crises.


Development Services

We leverage immersive technologies (AR, VR, MR) to present content in an engaging way, design novel hardware supporting extended reality, and provide VR and AR development services to consumer electronics brands looking to fine-tune distributed systems’ performance.

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Computer Vision Solutions

Our ML expertise is the foundation of our Computer Vision service offering. We will find the best way to address your challenges by crafting tailored recognition processes and multi-parameter analysis solutions no matter what project you are envisaging.

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

We help accelerate digital transformation and optimize operations with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies like computer vision, natural language processing, object and voice recognition, and business intelligence.

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